Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing

SEO Mookota Designs

Search Engine Optimization is an important, ever changing tool in your online marketing arsenal.

SEO is focused on “organic” or “natural” search engine results rather than “paid” results from pay-per-click programs offered by major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We focus on a number of important “on page” techniques and “off page” techniques such as keyword research, architecture, page content, meta tags, and more. We implement these techniques in every website we construct.

We strive to stay up to date with the ever changing SEO practices. Online marketing is essential and no longer an option.


Quality Content is king in the world of online marketing.

Relevant material is a must have for any website. We are here to help you create the content that will be most effective for your website goals.


SEO and Content Marketing take consistent effort for maximum results.

Think of is as having a bigger billboard in a better location on the information highway. Packages start at $350 per month.